Luke Guard #SHAME Video: Hashtag Youth Series

Luke Guard #SHAME Video: Hashtag Youth Series

My brother, Luke Guard, delivers a message from the scriptures about shame.

Luke Guard talks about using our shame for God’s glory. Instead of building up ourselves and pretending to be perfect, Scripture encourages us to be honest with our sin, flaws, and need for grace. People don’t usually like to share their sin and shame with others. Luke reminds us that our open confession of sin magnifies the mercy received and patience displayed in the gift of Jesus Christ.

Badly Broken: Walter White and the Corrosive Effects of Sin

Badly Broken: Walter White and the Corrosive Effects of Sin

Badly Broken: Walter White and the Corrosive Effects of Sin
by Chris McCirney and Daniel Lee

A great article about a televised story of how sin starts small and eats away at us.  Also, spoilers alert.

“With each calcified deposit, what starts off as an instinct to provide for his family mutates into a monstrous obsession to preserve the empire that Walt has established with his own two hands. Walt has been so engulfed by the darkness that he is no longer fully human. And that’s because sin is a force that refuses to let up; like gravity, it relentlessly pulls us inward into itself. As Walt himself says, ‘If you believe that there’s a hell . . . we’re already pretty much going there. But I’m not gonna lie down until I get there” (from episode 5.07, “Say My Name”).'”

“My Week at the Full Armor Lectures” by Jeremy Marshall continues with Day 2 (pt.1)

The week continues with day two, in which we scrutinize hymns.

“My Week at the Full Armor Lectures: Day 2”  Part 1
by Jeremy Marshal

From Day 2 part 1:
I told him I wasn’t rebuking anyone. “Besides,” I said, “wouldn’t he have to be here at the table with us to qualify it as me rebuking him? I just want to know why we can’t sing ‘Just as I Am.’”

“I’ll tell you why we can’t sing that song,” croaked the man with the hearing aid who’d been shushed for “Amen”-ing the evening before. “It encourages moral laxity. You start singing a song like that and people get too comfortable with being sinners. They’ll say, ‘If it’s all the same, I’ll just go on sinning, since Jesus will take me just as I am.’”