“My Week at the Full Armor Lectures” by Jeremy Marshall continues with Day 2 (pt.1)

The week continues with day two, in which we scrutinize hymns.

“My Week at the Full Armor Lectures: Day 2”  Part 1
by Jeremy Marshal

From Day 2 part 1:
I told him I wasn’t rebuking anyone. “Besides,” I said, “wouldn’t he have to be here at the table with us to qualify it as me rebuking him? I just want to know why we can’t sing ‘Just as I Am.’”

“I’ll tell you why we can’t sing that song,” croaked the man with the hearing aid who’d been shushed for “Amen”-ing the evening before. “It encourages moral laxity. You start singing a song like that and people get too comfortable with being sinners. They’ll say, ‘If it’s all the same, I’ll just go on sinning, since Jesus will take me just as I am.’”

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