Jon Stewart Reveals the Hypocrisy of Fox News’ War on the US Constitution

Jon Stewart Reveals the Hypocrisy of Fox News’ War on the US Constitution

“You have Miranda rights under the constitution. You don’t need to say them out loud for them to become real. That’s Beetlejuice.”
-Jon Stewart

“I don’t care if she knew about [the bombing]. She should be in prison for wearing a hijab.”
-Ann Coulter

So god help us if the Muslims ever decide to form a well regulated militia.”
-Jon Stewart

Electing Faithfulness Part 6: Civil Rights for the Unborn Class

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“Civil Rights for the Unborn Class”
“Understanding what Abortion means to a Nation and a Community”
“Being Pro-Seamless-Garment-of-Life”

Take a moment to, no matter your opinion, erase as much as you can concerning the preconceptions of people who exist on the “abortion stance spectrum”, including the terms we use.

Now I want to tell you that I believe that a sound civil government respects a woman’s right to her body.  I also believe that every person has a right to life, even those who are not yet recognized citizens.  I know that slightly more than half of children conceived in the world are women, and they have a right to live.  Because women and men are equal, I must conclude that all male children conceived in the world have a right to live.  Therefore, I believe all children have a right to live.  The government should not interfere with a woman’s body (or a man’s), but if a woman has another woman inside her, and she is trying to end that life, then the government is at a crossroads, having to make a decision between not interfering with one woman’s body, but also protecting the life of another.
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