Blacksburgia webisode 13: Enter Sandman

Blacksburgia webisode 13

Enter Sandman
It is discovered that Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has been using Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” as an entrance song for over 3 years without actually ever asking the band for permission to use the song.
The band had been so busy suing various downloading sites and radio stations that they hadn’t noticed.  Freddy and Bridgette are hired to help cover up any trace that the Hokies ever used the song as an entrance song and come up with a new song.

But they are too late.  Metallica arrives with their road crew and confiscates the personal belongings of various students as collateral for stealing the rights to their music, and drive off in a flash, leaving dozens of students naked in their empty dorm rooms.  The hokie bird is seen on the field wearing a Metallica T-shirt.  The ref blows a whistle and calls a foul on the fowl.  The bird is tackled.  To the tune of “Fuel”.

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