Blacksburgia webisode 34: Home Place

The Home Place

Frankie and Bridgette decide they’re tired of Blacksburg food spots and want to try somewhere outside the city of Blacksburg.  Everyone warns them not to leave and wander into the unknown mountains beyond.  They go anyway, and after getting lost and winding down an old back road eventually discover an old farmhouse that welcomes them in.

They relax nostalgically on the front porch until a twangy voice announces “Baaaaarnum!  Paarty of Seeeeeven!”  They join another group of strangers and sit at a table full of food to be passed around Thanksgiving style.  It feels strangely just like a home they’ve never had, and they lose track of time.

They eventually find themselves perpetually trapped in a never-ending feast of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and apple butter. Never to stop ordering more.  Never to leave.  Cut to black.  End of episode.

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