First World Problems Read by People in the Third World

As this Huffington Post article details, this video was created to draw attention to the non-profit organization DDB NY’s goal of bringing clean drinking water to countries in need.

I hate 1st world problems.  I hate people complaining about them.  But I also hate them because they really are problems.  Our fist world problems are real problems because they cause us who are spoiled in the “first world” to believe that our suffering makes us deserve something.  A cup of coffee.  A treat at the end of the day.  That night of staying up til 5 in the morning watching that Netflix marathon and sleeping in instead of waking up early to help that poor family move into another apartment.  Our first world problems are serious problems, not because they impede our vanity, but because they compound it.  The more we “suffer” in the first world, and believe it is true suffering we are undergoing, the more we turn away from the true suffering of others.

This video exemplifies that.  We can’t help but cringe at the little things we complain about.  The little “sufferings” that lead us to believe it is we, and not our disadvantaged neighbors from here to everywhere, who are suffering injustice.

Let’s do something.

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