5 Questions for Mike Rugnetta about the Genesis Creation Story

I’ve followed and appreciated from “day 1” what Crash Course has done to educate people. Anyone with neutral net access can get entertaining, thought-provoking introductions to various subjects, getting a quick survey of topics.

The downside, of course, is that these speedy courses can reduce or misrepresent complex and nuanced understandings of the world.
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2012: “The Year of Beards”— Why The Bearded Man Should Be Man of the Year!

Without a shadow of a doubt 2012 is the year of beards.  Beards have finally risen to the pedestal of prominence they deserve.  Men, take notice.  Your time has come.

I propose that the bearded man be nominated as TIME magazine’s person of the year.

Since antiquity, the bearded men have spoken.  Hear their memes…

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