2012: “The Year of Beards”— Why The Bearded Man Should Be Man of the Year!

Without a shadow of a doubt 2012 is the year of beards.  Beards have finally risen to the pedestal of prominence they deserve.  Men, take notice.  Your time has come.

I propose that the bearded man be nominated as TIME magazine’s person of the year.

Since antiquity, the bearded men have spoken.  Hear their memes…

These ancient men have spoken, and the people have listened…

The beards are growing, in the news…
 Santa has a beard

 This guy won beard of the year.

 A judge put this man’s trial on pause because he didn’t like the look of his rockin’ beard

Still rockin’ beards, still rockin’ out.

Celebrities grow beards ’cause that’s how they roll…


Superheroes have beards, because that’s how you save the world…

It’s not a mask; It’s a beard.

When all else fails, put a beard on it

Mohawks are stupid.  Unless they come with beards.

If you want to be Brave, you’ll grow a beard.  If you want to be a Beast, grow a beard.

You can’t save a diplomat without a sweet beard.

Beards are not expendable.

Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin he built with his own hands.  He slayed vampires, he invaded the South with the North because they were racist, he caught a bullet with his head and lived (for like an hour), and his beard was boss!

And look, Lincoln wasn’t the only tyrant to sport a beard.

Gandalf, oh great bearded one, prophecy to us, will there be more beards?

Have no fear, oh men of the earth.  For dwarves will come from the mountains to sport their beards.

Beware the wrath of the bearded

Liam Neeson can punch wolves in the face.  How can he do this?  Look closely….

He has a beard.

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