99% of the people you meet at Christian Colleges (stereotypes)

College is starting back.  Some of you will be going for the first time.  You will meet new people.  Some of you are going to a Christian college, one in the south, like I did.  How well do you know your Christian College stereotypes?  Based on the famous “99% of the People You Meet in College” article (from which I shamelessly plaigiarized), I give you a list of possible stereotypes you may encounter at a particularly Christian university in the south:

[This list is meant to make fun of stereotypes, so if you’re offended because you think one of these describes you, this blog may not be suitable for your consumption.]
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Why I Did A Competitive Amateur Musical for 4 Years—”It’s Makin’ Music Time”

In Henderson, TN there exists a private Christian college called Freed-Hardeman that once a year engages in an extravagantly amateur school-pride-boosting “performance art” tradition called “Makin’ Music“.  If that rings a bell for you, keep reading.  If it does not, you probably won’t get the rest of this.

In this competitive musical extravaganza, 4-7 social clubs (the sober, co-ed alternative to frats and sororities) design a 7-minute musical number suited for small children, the elderly, tools, people with a permanently sunny disposition, and alumni who forget that they graduated to start a career and a family twelve years ago.
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Makin Music Idolatry: “It’s Not About Golden Calves Any More”

In honor of Makin’ Music Week at my alma mater, I slapped this little number together a year ago. Apparently it’s in high demand again. So here ya go.

Thanks to TheSkitGuys for the permission you didn’t grant me.

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