So You’re Going to Win Makin’ Music?—Condescending Wonka Memes

Oh, you’re going to win Makin’ Music this year?  Condescending Wonka shares his thoughts:

Trouble is brewing down at the chocolate factory when the Oompa Loompas go on strike. Can Charlie sign them a union deal and save the day for children everywhere? Find out when Zeta Mu Alpha presents “Choch Full of Trouble.”


Nobody seems to be winning Willy Wonka’s golden tickets! Not a single one has turned up! A team of children go on a hunt to find them when Tri Nu presents “Gaga for Golden Tickets”!

Willy Wonka is about to release the new prototype of his new Everlasting Gobstopper. But when Slugworth gets a hold of it, chaos ensues. See if Charlie can help Wonka track him down when Gamma Gamma presents “Everlasting Showstopper”!

Grandpa Joe has relapsed on Fizzy Lifting Drink! Can Charlie get him to quit the habit and burp it all out before he floats to the top of the room and gets chopped into pieces by the precariously placed ceiling fan? Find out as Kappa Tau Xi presents “Fizzy-drink Fiasco”!

Charlie’s grandparents can’t get out of bed! Can a special chocolate that makes old people walk again help him—what is this? These are the dumbest ideas ever! Are you serious? I hate my job! Lambda Mu Lambda presents “Choco-Wonka-walking”—I can’t do this anymore.

[Click here to learn why I did Makin Music]
[Click here for the Makin Music Idolatry video]
[p.s. if you like memes, check out my Bane memes]

4 responses to “So You’re Going to Win Makin’ Music?—Condescending Wonka Memes

  1. I always did think that instead of folding Tri Zeta and Psi Mu should have merged to form a club of super-weirdoes to take over the school by means of an evil ping-pong society bent on Makin’ Music domination. In the end, it could all be revealed as a nefarious plot designed by me, only I was dressed as Caleb Colley the entire time. Oh wait, I think there was a Psi-Muvie about that once.

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