An Autobiography in 20 Random Moments

Recall a few years ago when those Facebook posts were popular: “My 30 Favorite songs” or “20 things you don’t know about me”.  One I have yet to see is this:
20 random, seemingly insignificant, yet nonetheless vivid moments in your life that are not at all monumental.  The idea behind it is this: If you made a list of such memories, would you be able to find a common thread, a sustaining narrative, that would explain you through these small moments in your life?  What was it that made you remember them?  Was it just scents and sounds?  Or was it some underlying significance?
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We’re all diffabled

I Am Sam is one of my favorite movies.  In high school I dated a girl who I’m convinced only dated me just so she could see my impersonation of Sean Penn’s Sam whenever she wanted.  It was really awkward and it didn’t last long.  But my love for the movie remains.

It’s about a man with a developmental disorder who tries to raise a daughter alone.  The problem arrives when she begins to grow old enough to surpass him on a developmental level.  It is a bit of a sentimental morality play, but it has too many good moments to dismiss merely because it tries to convince us to believe in supporting a situation that is so borderline unfeasible it’s reckless: Are we really ok with a single father who has the development of a 7-year-old raising a child all on his own?  But part of the question in the film is what it really means to be alone when you’re surrounded by people like you, and by people who care.  And the entire soundtrack is Beatles covers.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes:

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