Reading Dave Eggers’ “Your Fathers”: Room 53—Christ

Room 53: Aggravation, Christ, and Congress [see previous post on the West]

—I saved you for last because you were the only one Thomas saw as a mentor and I think you complete the religious imagery that is there abut would have been more there if Eggers was religious and had a more religious agenda.

—I understand, son.
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Reading Dave Eggers’ “Your Fathers”:Room 54–Morals

Room 54: Morals, Principles, and Pederasts    [see the previous post on Promises]

—This is embarrassing. Do I have to do this again?

—Yes. This is your punishment, pederast. Let’s talk about gray areas.

—I know where this is going, and I don’t want to go there.
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Reading Dave Eggers’ “Your Fathers”: Room 52–Promises

51sagllu1dl-_sy344_bo1204203200_Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

Room 52: Fathers, Prophets, Astronauts and Promises

[So you’ve read Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? by Dave EggersSPOILERS AHEAD! Beginning with this post, Caleb Coy will interview each of the 7 kidnapped characters in the novel and interrogate them on the book’s themes.]
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Jesus Loves You & Pure Religion Too: A Response to Jeff Bethke

Around this time year ago I was one of many people who grew interested in a thoughtful and poignant video poem posted by Jeff Bethke, and responded to the discussion in like fashion with a video poem.

Here is Bethke’s poem, “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus”

Here is the video poem I posted in response, “Jesus Loves You (and Pure Religion Too)”

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