Blacksburgia: The Chicago of the South (webisode 15)

Blacksburgia webisode 15

Blacksburg: The Chicago of the South
Attempting to improve Blacksburg’s image during the cold months, as well as draw tourists to boost the economy of local establishments during Christmas break when students are gone, Freddy and Bridgette are commissioned by the Town Council to create a PR campaign with posters that say “Blacksburg!  The Chicago of the South!”

It turns out that Chicago is not that great of a place to live, that the cold, windy weather is nothing to joke about, and that there are not enough yankees in town for the population to take kindly to comparing the area to the North.  Defeated, Frankie and Bridgette walk home a cold, dismal, lonely street.  A single man from Chicago stops them and asks for directions to the nearest deep dish pizza place.

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