Blacksburgia webisode 14: Trader Joe’s

Blacksburgia webisode 14

Trader Joe’s
The mayor wants a Trader Joe’s, and he won’t stop ’til he gets one.So he gets Frankie and Bridgette to start a campaign to encourage the town to be in favor of bringing in a Trader Joe’s.  The plan: Give away free Hawaiian shirts to the town’s citizens.  The only problem is that it’s the dead of winter in January.  Nobody wears them.  The mayor interprets this as a response from unhappy citizens and fears that he will not be elected again, so he backs down on wanting a Trader Joe’s.  A growing number of citizens who wanted a Trader Joe’s feel betrayed, and begin to wonder if he’s out of touch with the town

Later, in order to push for bringing in a Trader Joe’s, a group of disgruntled citizens begin wearing Hawaiian shirts, even though it’s the dead of winter, to show the mayor how much they want a Trader Joe’s.  He sees this as a sign of success.

Still, Trader Joe’s has yet to come to Blacksburg.  The mayor then makes a move: “Look,” he says, “it’s either a Trader Joe’s or a Wal-Mart.”  The Trader Joe’s is built within a week, breaking a world record in the swiftness that a shopping center has been planned and constructed in a metropolitan area.

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