Blacksburgia webisode 16: AEP

Blacksburgia webisode 16:

Freddy has a question about his electric bill.  He tries to contact Appalachian Power, but finds that they are a mystery organization that will not answer phone calls, or respond by email or snail mail.  He and Bridgette try to enter the AEP headquarters and confront someone about his bill, but cannot find the entrance.
Once they do, they find it a complicated labyrinth of non-doors and non-hallways, and secretaries who won’t answer questions directly, but ask for them to try another door.  In frustration, they try to sabotage the building by cutting it’s power, but the auxiliary power only cuts on.

Freddy arrives home to find that the entire town’s power has been cut off.  His next bill has arrived, charging three times the normal amount.  Bridgett offers to pay this bill for him, but the bill is rejected, with a statement that they must take a check from the homeowner the bill is addressed to.  Bridgett’s power goes out too.

Blacksburgia webisode 17:

The Man with a Ponytail Who Reads to His Dogs
This sketch is exactly what it sounds like.  5 minutes of a man with a ponytail who reads to his dogs in the park.  May or may not be based on any actual account of a real person.


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