How Students Can Use Weebly With The Canterbury Tales

How Students Can Use Weebly With The Canterbury Tales

When my students read The Canterbury Tales, I didn’t want to tediously read through all of the characters with them.  They wouldn’t remember all of the characters that way, and it would only serve to make it less interesting to the average high school student.  So I had a plan.

I told myself that I would try out technology in a way I hadn’t before.  We had just learned how to use Weebly this summer and I wanted to try it out with the students.  I created a Weebly site with a page for each of the characters.  Each student was assigned a character to answer questions about.  They took those answers and formed them into a paragraph about the character, which they transcribed into the page.  Then they grabbed a photo from the internet that matched that character.

Just when they thought it was over, I had them write a short, 10-line heroic couplet poem about their own self or of a character they made up, adding to the story, as it were—Chaucer’s unfinished book of tales.  I named the “shrine” they were on a pilgrimage visiting after the county, in an effort to instill a sense of pride.  They are pilgrims of learning, after all.

It was a great success.  Weebly is very user-friendly and intuitive, and does not take up too much bandwidth.  I would be surprised if you ran into a lot of problems.

Try Weebly out with your students.  It’s great for collaborate projects.

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