Quotes From Joker Spin-off Films

joker_282019_film29_posterDue to the success of the film Joker, character studies for other Batman villains are already on the way. Here are some lines from the scripts:
“Are you having any more kitty cat thoughts?”
“Doctor, all I have are kitty cat thoughts.”

“The worst part of having to wear a refrigerator suit to stay alive is that everyone expects you to behave as if you don’t.”
“Forgive my crocodile skin. I have a condition.”
“Is it just me, doctor, or is it getting stranger out there?”
“How’s the puzzling career? Are you a famous riddler?”
“Not quite. I’ve just been working on my cryptoquotes.”
“I used to think my life was a tragedy. Now I realize it’s a collection of children’s rhymes.”
“How does it feel to have to come here? Does it help to have someone to talk to?”
“I think I felt better when I was locked up in Pena Duro penitentiary.”
“I was wondering if you could ask the doctor to increase my medication.”
“Pamela, you’re on seven different medications. Surely they must be doing something.”
“I just don’t want to feel so botanical anymore.”
“I have a joke for you, Murray. What do you get when you take a successful district attorney and pour acid on half his face? You get to lapse into a disassociate state in which the you tossing a coin is distinct from the you who decides what people deserve based on the arbitrary outcome of the coin toss.”
“One more thing. Can you introduce me as Penguin?”
“What’s wrong with your real name?”
“It’s Oswald Cobblepot.”
“Oh. Oh, I totally see now. Your parents must have really hated you.”

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