Quotes from a bad Grad School English Textbook

I now present to you samples from a graduate level English textbook, which I’m pretty sure were written by a high schooler:

“George Orwell was not a novelist.”

Alice in Wonderland teaches no lessons.”

“In literature the Restoration was not a period of great writing.”

“A London butcher called Foe had a son who called himself Defoe.”

“Some were Decadents as well as Aesthetes; many of them were dandies, many homosexual, most became Catholics.”

The phrase “love of nuggets.”

“Lord Byron had a wild ancestry, Calvinistic childhood, handsome looks and a club foot. He lived noisily.”

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a good read, but, like Dracula, disappoints adult re-reading.”

“Virginia Woolf put the ‘bi’ in ‘biography.'”

And my favorite— “Eliot later pooh-poohed the idea that Waste Land had particular post-war disillusion.”

…and use of the word “robust,” including the phrase, “robustly English,” at least thirty times.

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