New Poem—At Least I Tried

[My junior year in college I entered a poetry contest and won 2nd place. Fittingly, the title of the poem was “At Least I Tried.”]

At Least I Tried

I’ve been explaining for a good five minutes
The lines of an underrated poem to a girl
Who’s been hearing boy bands all her life.

The words that made a nest between memory and logic
In my mind, were passing by hers through the ear canal
When her friend interrupted with a cell phone call
To tell her how bored she is while painting her nails.

My discussion is lost like a famous explorer
In the bleak desert of her clueless mind,
And it won’t be long before I’m lost as well.

I may not even be understood
By librarians or coffee shop Bohemians
Yet this girl nods in feigned agreement
Perhaps unable to hear me through her headphones.

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