Big Bandaid

[the following is a revisited look at observations and comments I made 2 years ago on the healthcare bill]

I’ll admit that I am not an expert on public health, government operations, or economics.  So I’m not going to talk about what I don’t know.  I’m not qualified to evaluate this bill.  I invite others to do that.  But if the extent of your knowledge about this new bill has come from chain emails or infotainment personalities with an axe to grind, think again before mimicking what you only assume is trustworthy.  And I will say that this here article is in no way a defense of the new H.C. bill.  It’s a treatise on how to better talk about it even though you know very little about it.

So before we begin, let’s consider a few things. The best place for Christians to begin is their Word of God.
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