“I’m Thinking of Going Into the Ministry”

I’m thinking of going into the ministry,” said a friend once.

Or multiple times. Many of us have heard it. It usually comes as good news, even if a whispered announcement of a notion that might go by. Whether as friends, parents, or church leaders, we like to hear young people (or even adults seeking a change) seriously consider dedicating their life in service to God.

But there’s where it strikes me as funny. When someone considers what we are usually referring to as the “job” of preaching, we are taking a single kind of service to God and labeling it as THE ministry.
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My Week at the Full Armor Lectures: Wednesday, part 2 by Jeremy Marshall

My Week at the Full Armor Lectures
by Jeremy Marshal
Wednesday, part 2

From the harrowing climax that is called Wednesday part 2:
I remembered that Sharp and MacDoogan had called the Bacon Lane elders the night before and sowed seeds of doubt about my mental stability. I could tell that my assertion that they were attempting to extort me, combined with the tape of my meltdown at the breakfast table, wasn’t helping my case. On the other hand, Brother Dean is one of those tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist guys. He believes the world is ran by the Club of Rome, that the government is trying to poison us with fluoride in our drinking water, that the Holocaust and themoon landing never happened, and that the real culprit behind 9/11 was the Jews. How could a fellow who believed all that stuff not believe that I was being railroaded? Seems like it’d be right up his alley, really. “Were they also trying to blackmail you when you cussed out Mack Snipes?” he asked.