Electing Faithfulness: Part 2: Yep, Still Riding the Ron Paul Revolution

[Part 1: Considering Third Roads]
“I’m Still Riding the Ron Paul Revolution”

“An endorsement for Congressman Paul as President by a citizen fully aware that he is not running”

(and why Caleb Coy would like for you to write in Ron Paul, though he fully respects your right to choose and wishes to clarify that he is not telling you what to do as prescribed to him by a pulpiteer or denominational edict, but offering what he has to say in a public forum)
(and yes, I know he’s not running, but that’s not the point.  If democracy works the way it says it does, someone who gets more write-ins than votes still wins.  If he does not, this only proves the system doesn’t work in the first place)

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Electing Faithfulness: Part 1: Considering Third Roads

Considering Third Roads
What’s Wrong with These Guys?
Egyptians or Amorites?  Who’s it Gonna Be?

You heard a debate the other day.  It was between two guys likely to take the role of single individual holding the most official power in America.  Seems like a big deal.  It is, in a way, but when you look at the big picture, it ends up not being much of one at all.  Still, a pretty big deal.

So many of you will likely think of picking choice A or B.  I see why.  I mean, this is how the game seems to work, right?  People give you two choices and you pick one of them.  And to be fair, in all likelihood, it will be one of these two fellas.  That’s how the system tends to work.  I will tell you now that I don’t intend on voting for either of these guys.

One way in which it has been explained is this:

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