1 Peter 3:15 and a Loving Apologetics (Part 2)

Previously I wrote about how 1 Peter 3:15, often the flagship Bible verse about Christian apologetics, should be read closely to inform us about what apologetics is about, particularly the end of the passage, “yet with gentleness and reverence.”

In this post, we will examine the verse as part of a broader passage on hope. Let us consider 1 singular verse, 1 Peter 3:15, in the context of the broader passage (chapter 3). Continue reading

Billy Nye, Ken Ham Debate on Creation: Questions I Wanted to Ask

As Bible students like me come across various debates such as these, questions arise that sometimes are not addressed.  Here are some I wished would have been asked:

Questions I wished they asked Bill Nye:
1) How did matter arise in the universe, if no extra-physical/supernatural entity brought it about through extra-physical means?
2) If there is no creator, how do you explain why the universe is rational and we as conscious beings an understand it as rational?
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_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book: Part 1—”Belief in God is Irrational”

_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book: Part 1: “Belief in God is Irrational”

Mitch Stokes is bold.  He begins his “shot” into our heads by challenging the notion that rational beliefs must be supported by evidence, a belief known as evidentialism.  This might at first sound like a bad move, as if to say to tell Sherlock Holmes that you just have to believe you know who stole the diamond, and that’s ok.  But retrace the steps of human reasoning.  Go quiz the philosophers (and even the scientists) on this issue.  We have always used reason as long as we have used writing, and earlier.  What is evidence, though?  And how does it factor into our reasoning?  Is it just a matter of things that are there for us to find, things that obviously point the way toward true things, so long as we are rational?  Simply put,
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_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book: Intro

My brother bought it for me as a Christmas gift, this book I had never heard of, A Shot of Faith to the Head, by Mitch Stokes.  It was an accidental discovery, for him and for me.  I didn’t know it would become a book that I would want to hold on to, one that surprisingly bolstered a faith in the very existence of God I already thought was solid enough.
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