Five More Podcasts You Should Try

Podcast much? If you’re a fan of podcasts already, or if you have time to spend listening to music and want to try something else out, I previously shared 6 podcasts you should check out. Well, today here’s 3 more:

  • 1200x630wpTokens with Lee C. Camp
    It’s like a Christian NPR. A Lipscomb professor of theology and ethics interviews a wide array of people.
  • Song Explodersong_exploder
    Hrishikesh Hirway talks recording artists about how they wrote their songs. They break the song down to its parts, tell the story of the composition, and then just straight up play the song for you.
  • 1200x630wp-1After Class Podcast
    “Because the best conversations happen…after class.” It’s a really dump tagline but three Bible professors talk on the Bible using their scholarship skills to take on topics in an easy-to-digest way.
  • Peace & Strong Coffee1200x630wp
    Just a guy with a mic and some coffee and his Bible open. 5-minute personal devotions you can listen to while you have some coffee. Spend another 5 thinking about it.
  • ask-nt-wright-podcast_article_image
    Ask N.T. Wright Anything
    I mean that explains itself, right? Ask him anything, he’ll talk.

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