Six Podcasts To Look In To

Podcast much? If you’re a fan of podcasts already, or if you have time to spend listening to music and want to try something else out, here are six podcasts I recommend for you:

  1. The Bible Project10302183_300x300

From the guys who brought you those really sweet videos, there is a podcast of Tim and Jon talking through the subjects of each video at length. It’s educational, conversational, enlightening, down-to-earth Bible study.

  1. Kingdom Roots1200x630bb

“A conversation about how the Kingdom took root then and how it takes root now.” Scot McNight,  Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament at Northern Seminary, brings clarity to current scholarship and church history.

  1. Re:Joyceheight_375_width_325_overlay_re-joyce-cover

And again I say rejoice. This project is witty, charming, and tragic. Irish scholar Frank Delaney began a podcast years ago with the ambitious plan to do a paragraph-by-paragraph oral commentary on James Joyce’s Ulysses. Sadly, Delaney passed away in February before he could finish, but what he recorded is fascinating and joyful for anyone who loves language and literature.

  1. OmnibusUnknown

Way cooler than the Omnibus spending bill. Jeopardy star Ken Jennings and…this other smart guy named John Roderick, put together a strange collection of cultural artifacts and other esoterica. Basically, a show in which two guys who know everything tell us everything you can imagine about things you didn’t know about, from The Noid to backmasking records.

  1. Fresh Airicon_381444908-6388a4123207c734918f15c97de6d49ae634f820-s300-c85

Okay, so it’s actually a radio talk show on NPR. So, if you like hearing Terri Gross but can never seem to catch her show, you can just download it. I mean, it’s a podcast.

  1. Revisionist HistoryUnknown

Malcolm Gladwell, the investigative journalist who gave us all those books about world-changing decisions and other outliers of culture and thought we seem to miss, takes a close look at often misunderstood things with a new angle.

So these are some of the podcasts I listen to and recommend. Pick one. Give it a shot. Let me know what you think. Or recommend one you like.

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