The 600-Year-Old Story Contest

The premiere great work of literature in English, some would say, is The Canterbury Tales. Written by Geoffrey Chaucer, the story is actually a collection of stories.

Twenty-four pilgrims are on a spring break trip to a shrine when they decide to fill their downtime with a story contest. Whoever has the best story wins the prize, a free feast paid for by the host. So each person tells a different kind of story.

The criteria was two-fold:
1) The entertainment value
2) The moral of the story

Bet you’re wondering who the winner is.

Well, here’s the thing. Chaucer died before he finished the entire story. Each character was meant to tell four stories in all, two on the journey to the shrine, two on the journey back.canterbury-west-winter-highsmith

But it never got finished.

Which can only mean one thing:

The contest is still ongoing.

A six-hundred-year-old story contest that, technically, still has no determined winner.

What story should win? Is it yours?


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