The Syria Strikes were not “Perfectly Executed.” Here’s What Is.

The U.S. Airstrike in Syria wasn’t “Perfect.” Anyone who says so is a liar, and the light of God is not with him.

War is never perfect.

Here’s What Is.

The love of Christ.

The hands of Christ.

What the news is covering not enough of, as usual, is the work of the hands of Christ in the world. Christian aid groups are assisting victims of the chemical attack.


An ancient Syrian depiction of Jesus doing his work.

Boots are on the ground. There’s a mobile base set up.

Meanwhile, dark forces from the U.S. government are operating without clear objectives, except to cause damage to people and things. The Syrian military may have been weakened, but the terrorist groups in the country looking to overthrow the current government are only looking for the same goals to be achieved. The Syrian regime currently in place will likely turn to Russia and Iran if the U.S. government continues its campaign. This kind of stuff gets in the way of what God’s people are doing, provoking more war.

When does a mere regime changes do anything close to the amazing work Jesus has done in the world?

The U.S. government poisons and gasses its own people. Now, what if somebody were to bomb the U.S.?

The U.S. government has no endgame for any of this mess.

The Lord does.

Mission accomplished?

It was accomplished on the cross.

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