A Shot of Faith To The Head: The Full Review

_A Shot of Faith To The Head_: Bad Title, Great Book

Below are all my review of A Shot of Faith to the Head, a good book with a bad title:
Part 1:  Is Belief in God Irrational?
Intermission: The Art of Rational Self-Defense
Part 2: Does Science Prove that God Does Not Exist?
Part 3: Does Evil Prove that God Does Not Exist?

As Mitch Stokes reasoned in his book, there are three evidential reasons for why belief in God is rational:

A Rational Cosmos
A Designed Cosmos
A Moral Sentience

[Also, catch my response to the Nye/Ham debate, which I gave as my review also took an intermission, in which I ask a number of questions I wish I had been able to submit to the post-debate QnA session.]

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