In case you missed the series: The KJV-Only Schism—all posts found here

In case you missed the series on the KJV, or missed one of the entries, here is the entire series in 13 individual posts.

The KJV: Is It THE Bible?—A series on the KJV-Only Schism
Part 1: Introduction—A Plea to KJV-Only Advocates
Part 2: A Brief History of a Politically Charged Translation—Making the KJV
Part 3: Lost in Translation—Remember, it’s a translation
Part 4: Jacobean English—Antiquated Language Issues
Part 5: Linguistic Prejudice—The Myth of “High English”
Part 6: Would Any Other Translation Be Vulgar?—Koine Greek and “Low English”
Part 7: Which KJV Are We Talking About?—Different KJV Editions
Part 8: Textual Errors and Inconsistencies
Part 9: Paraphrases and Biased Renderings
Part 10: Divided Verses; Divided Minds— Book-chapter-verse-ism
Part 11: “So What Translation Do You Prefer, If Not the KJV Only?“—Other translations
Conclusion: What To Do with and about the KJV

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