So now we bully the elderly too

Hear about those kids who bullied the bus monitor?  I’ll let you read the full story below, which includes the harrowing video documenting the incident.

So here’s the thing:  These kids have a lack of empathy.  It’s primarily a parenting issue.  Their parents are failing.  That being said, here is what the school needs to do.  We’ll call this the “shame and flame” deterrent:

1. The kids don’t ride the bus next year.  Their parents have to take them to school.  But, if they get a driver’s license, they have to ride the bus until they graduate.

2. Call an assembly in which every child on that bus (all of them, because in the recording none stood up for her) must apologize to directly to her, with their parents or guardians standing behind them, who will then apologize on their behalf as well. If a student refuses to apologize, they must refuse in front of the entire school so everyone knows

3. In that assembly, a letter will be read in praise of this woman and signed by every single other student in the school. Then the students who apologized have to write every word they said to her on a piece of paper and burn it. This last portion may be performed outside the assembly if necessary.

4. The school should beef up their anti-bullying endeavors according to how the PTA and student body see fit.  This is primarily the parents’ jobs, but seeing as how you can’t rely on American parents to teach their kids how to nurture empathic intelligence, the rest of the community can pick up where they miserably left off.

5. And don’t give me any crap about good kids with good parents succumbing to peer pressure.  They continued while the woman cried.  “Kids will be kids” is a profane motto to utter in this scenario.  Peer pressure is not a free pass to unleash evil.

God help us.

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