Today’s Featured Series: Is Christianity a Western Religion?

Hi readers! Today being day two of the blog anniversary celebration, we’re taking a look back at another blog series to present.

Good_shepherd_01_smallToday’s series is a look at the oft-assumed status of Christianity as a “Western religion.” We begin with the introduction, Is Christianity a Western Religion?

1: On Whom was it Founded?
2: Where Did it Spread to?
3: Is the West the Cradle of Christianity?
4: What about the East?
5: The Bible Across the World
6: Eastern Orthodox
7: Persecution in the West
8: Western Creeds
9: “Born” In Greek Culture, Not Of It
10: Does Christianity Claim Western Heritage?
11: Where in the World is Christianity Found?
12: Pillars of Western Values
13: Western Orientalism
14: Eastern Influence in the West
15: Back to Jewish Roots

Conclusion: Not Western, Not Eastern–Christ is for all

Reading Dave Eggers’ “Your Fathers”: Room 48–The West

Room48: Cannons, The West, and Dream Girls [see previous post on radicalization]

—I can see why you looked like his dream girl.


—Not hitting on you. Just saying you’re an important character, an embodiment of an ideal.
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