Scaffolding Puzzles with My Toddler

My son is two and a half, and has had very little experience with puzzles. Just the other day, my wife bought a pack of four 12-piece puzzles of a school bus, race car, fire truck, and choo choo train. My first guess would be that our son, who only sits still for books and “watch something,” would hop around before stomping on the puzzle and running to his costumes. Continue reading

The Apple on ThisTeacher’s Desk

I have an apple on my desk. (not this one—this one just looks prettier)

An apple—that sweet symbol of education: Knowledge, as many have depicted it as Eve’s forbidden fruit; Nutrition, in mind and body; Red, the color of exes on wrong answers and of the weight of test grades; Folk patriotism, as Johnny Appleseed’s token gift; Autumn, when school activities begin; Frontier Heritage, the rustic nostalgia of the little schoolhouse in the country; Well-roundedness, like the Greeks, like the Renaissance; Social Support, as the apple was one of the gifts given to teachers by parents to feed them; hard cider, because alcohol is a common use of retreat from the stress of teaching.
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