This Is Your Shot: 6 more reasons to Immunize

1. Yes, the Coronavirus can linger in your penis and make you impotent.

So get pricked or it will get your prick. Read here.

51118319884_afc6008e8f_b2. Yes, the Republican politician who filed a lawsuit over a mask mandate, that he broke, has caught COVID-19.

I guess God has a sense of humor. Better to joke with him than be the butt of the joke. Read here.

3. Watching neighbors die from the virus has caused a town to change their mind about the virus.
It’s sad, sometimes that’s what it takes. Read here.

4. You’ll have a vaccine passport for anyplace that requires one. I mean, that’s it. You’ll have it. Easy peasy.
Not convinced having a passport is a no-brainer? You likely already had one. Read here.

5. You’ll probably be doing what your granddaddy did. Or wished he could do. Because he might have died from polio. I don’t know.
Wanna see some old patriots? Read here.

6. It’s approved by the FDA.
Which we knew would happen eventually. Read here.

Seriously it’s only a poke.

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