The Kingdom of No Borders

Imagine living in a world with no borders.

And does it scare you?

There is a kingdom with no borders all around you. You may even be a citizen already.

This nation spans the entire globe, and even where its citizens are not, its power can still reign by the reach of its ruler.

There is no better time than now to take the invitation to enter into this nation.

Only, it doesn’t work like other nations. The flag is love. The supreme leader is also a member of the servant class.

All nationalities are welcome, and no nationality is privileged over any other. Greek? Jew? Arab? Mexican? Come on in!

Of course, to enter, you must do so lawfully. The gate is narrow, but everyone can fit.

But there’s no waiting period. No paperwork. No series of payments. Your criminal history doesn’t matter one bit. In fact, in this nation, everyone has a record, and that record can be erased. When you enter.

I mean can you imagine?

And you won’t have your child ripped out of your arms as you approach.

To be real, of course, there are those who are citizens and those who are not. And entering is serious business. You have to be born again. This is the only way.

The King himself IS the way. He answers your appeal to enter based not on your status, but on your heart.

But remember what was said above. The burden is light.

And you will receive mercy.


You are already in the dominion of this kingdom, because the king will return someday. Why not become a citizen now? It is a nation that will endure forever. You, your family, a plot of land, a great community, never-ending welfare, great values, and no taxes.

But how can a nation not have borders?

Well, first of all, because there is no place that its king cannot reach. And secondly, because all people are accountable to His laws, which apply everywhere.

But of course, even history laughs at borders. Even in ancient times, in lands such as Greece, newcomers to the land were considered an asset, not a liability. They would work, trade, pay taxes.

Then the early Renaissance came, and nation-states began to form. This is the invention of borders as we know it, strict boundaries that are meant to say “this country is here, and that country is here.” They move. They dissolve. They get warred over. Lots of unrest.

But this way of treating people doesn’t work. Such a limited vision. Treating people as less deserving because they are not on your side of a line.

And all these short-term countries, America included, were long ago disarmed. The true king made a public spectacle of them. He won by dying.

He tore the boundary between holy and Most Holy. He knows that in the grand scheme of things we are all refugees. For he was once one.

I know. Sounds so upside down.

I am a citizen of a kingdom without borders. Please come and stay.

Jesus is King.

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