Threats, Lies, and Backtracking Don’t Lead to Peace

“They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace.”
-Jeremiah 6:14

“Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes.”
-Luke 19:42

Remember that time the NRA made Ollie North their CEO? You know, the guy who sold weapons to Iran? I wonder if sanctions will be placed on the NRA.

So, there’s this thing called the “Jong Paradox.” It’s when you completely trust a dictator 100% when he pledges to denuclearize, because it makes your president look good; when the same dictator says your president’s sanctions are not the reason for denuclearization, you distrust him 100% because it makes your president look bad.

It’s ironic that the same man who was touting “fire and fury” rhetoric and resorting to bragging about the size of his nuclear “button” while engaging in a proxy war is being raised up (by his own fans) for consideration as a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. His behavior up until now has been to mimic Vladimir Putin, bragging about how many villages he could demolish. When Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel in 2009, even he himself knew he didn’t deserve it. U.S. Presidents in general simply don’t make for candidates for peace prizes.

It’s no surprise that most everyone praising the current U.S. administration for the peace talks between the Koreas is ignoring the fact that North Korea’s only missile test site collapsed in April. Not only does the collapse signal a self-inflicted halt on N. Korea’s testing, the hazards of the collapse put China in danger of suffering from further tests, N. Korea’s only chance at an ally.

UnknownBut if Trump’s recent non-interventionist considerations had any effect on peace talks, then any award for peace should be given to Ron Paul, who himself ran for president years ago and has advocated non-interventionist policies of peace and prosperity for decades. Trump was elected on an anti-peace ticket, and stole his very recent foreign policy from Libertarians.

Study the policy. The main reason North Korea has threatened the U.S. with nukes is because the U.S. performs military exercises on her borders. If you want them to stop the threats, you have to withdraw the troops. People who actually study peace, like Ron Paul, have known this for decades. Decades.

The Kim family is not known for being trustworthy, and the only shot they have at world power is ownership of a nuke. Of course, most of it has been theater. Even if Kim Jong Un is seriously considering giving up nuclear missile tech, and even if he’s doing it based on the words and actions of U.S. President Donald Trump, he’s watching what’s happening elsewhere in the world.

Yeah. About that.

A couple weeks ago Trump decided to pull out of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), backtracking on a deal made with Iran. This after a presentation from Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Unsurprisingly, Iran balked at the desertion of a previously agreed-upon plan.

Both the IAEA and Trump’s own Secretary of Defense concluded that Iran did not violate the JCPOA. Pulling out of the JPCOA means that the United States violated a negotiated deal with Iran that allowed the U.S. access to hold Iran accountable. Ludicrous claims of Iran’s cheating are all based on a single Israeli report that says nothing more than this: Iran had a nuclear program before 2003 (over a decade before the JCPOA was formed).

Trump’s problem with the JCPOA is that it didn’t stop Iran from improving its missile technology or meddling with adjacent nations. Of course not. That was never in the deal. Fans of the Second Amendment, you’d think, would consistently allow for a nation to produce and keep its own (non-nuclear) weapons. In addition, it’s hypocritical of the U.S. to single out any Middle-Eastern nation for meddling in the Middle-East.

For over a decade the JCPOA has prevented Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb, and paved the way for future efforts to be discovered easily. You can’t just hide the making of a nuke. It’s not like you can take a kidnapped Tony Stark and a small cave and—tada! You need a vast infrastructure that would be noticed by other nations, especially under stipulations like the JCOPA. Iran hasn’t behaved very well in that time, sure, but they’ve certainly not developed nukes.

But now, without a deal, there is less of a check. No deal means it’s easier for them to enrich uranium for weapons. No deal means they’re more incensed against a nation that went back on its deal. No deal means Egypt and Saudi Arabia have an incentive to go nuclear.

And no deal tells Kim Jong Un that Donald Trump likes to go back on America’s promises to other nations regarding nuclear weapons.

Negotiating arms-control agreements is sometimes where you have to start with enemies and potential enemies. When trust is low, you can’t just go back on a deal because you don’t like it, especially when you’re a liar.

And Donald Trump is a liar. He’s told ten lies about the JCPOA alone. The so-called drainer of swamps is only another bucket of water.

The lies and hypocrisy from Washington continue to flow, despite a change in the executive seat.

“China backs Trump project in Indonesia to tune of $500 million. Trump backs China with fix for ZTE, a company that has cheated on Iran and North Korea sanctions and poses a cyber threat to U.S.”

Today’s swamp level: White House now completely submerged.”
-Adam Schiff

But Trump is not unique in regards to lying to foreign powers, and that’s the point. Time and time again the American people elect liars to negotiate with other nations.

If any politician deserves a Nobel Peace Prize right now, it’s Ron Paul. For decades he has worked to implement a US policy of non-intervention and troop withdrawal that is just now being considered (we’re not sure how much) by the current administration in what is an amnesiac reversal of haphazard “fire and fury” rhetoric that defined the White House stance on North Korea for over a year. Even without an arsenal, Kim is demanding US troop withdrawal as one of the terms. Who pushed that idea for years? Among others, Congressman Paul.

Don’t forget that in 3 years a deal will expire that set limits on Russia’s nuclear arsenal. Then what? Russia isn’t North Korea, and Russia isn’t Iran. They are and have long been a formidable potential foe for the U.S. When that deal expires, no longer capping the number of nukes Russia and the U.S. can have at 1,550, what will happen next? Trump’s prediction is that the U.S. will have more nukes than anyone else. That’s not the kind of talk that makes other nations not want nukes any more.

I wish Americans knew what it meant to make peace.

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