A Week of Being Out of Touch with America

This week, if we learned anything about America, it’s that we have a country out of touch with itself.

This past week, Pepsi tried a commercial in which a high fructose carbonated soda can bring the entire country together by solving racial differences. How? By reinforcing racial stereotypes.

This past week, United Airlines pulled a doctor off the plane who was on his way to see his patients in order to give preferential treatment to their employees.

This past week Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, a city with serious racial tensions and unemployment issues, proposed that all high school seniors who want a diploma should provide proof that they have post-graduation plans.

This past week a nation that is so out of touch with motherhood that it stands out for having an aversion to natural birth suddenly took to watching the vaginal birth of a baby giraffe.

This past week Sean Spicer declared that Assad’s regime is so bad, even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his people, validating the claims of Holocaust deniers everywhere.

This past week, the US government—being trillions of dollars in debt and suffering financial crises in healthcare, student loans, and nationwide crumbling infrastructure —spent $314,000,000 on a bomb that killed only about 20-100 people (the reported results vary and are questionable), which we are told to assume were all combatants, in a tunnel in East Afghanistan that in no way pose an existential threat to the US. That tunnel, by the way, was designed by the CIA and paid for by U.S. tax dollars.

This past week, despite a nationwide call for government transparency, the White House reversed the previous administration’s policy of releasing its visitor logs to the public.

This past week, supporters of Donald Trump seemed to remain unaware that his personal travel costs are rising, and could easily exceed those of his predecessor.

This past week, Donald Trump proclaimed that he somehow created 600,000 jobs since he took office, double the actual number recorded by the government.

This past week, Donald Trump flip flopped on the promises he made to his own voters. Taking a complete reversal of policy from his campaign slogan, “drain the swamp,” the president told the nation and the world that, true to the money-first business model he’s pushed for years, everything is negotiable. Even his own values.

He went from calling NATO obsolete to saying “it’s no longer obsolete.”

He went from enacting a hiring freeze to lifting the hiring freeze.

He went from being hard against involvement with Syria to committing an act of war against the Syrian government.

To quote from his own book, The Art of the Deal, “I never get too attached to one deal or one approach. For starters, I keep a lot of balls in the air, because most deals fall out, no matter how promising they seem at first.” This isn’t a new thing this week. Anyone who has actually read passages from Trump’s book could tell us that for years he has been out of touch with everything but the pursuit of money for his own wallet. His allegiance isn’t to anybody. It shifts with where he thinks he will find success.

In his inauguration speech, the president promised that his first day in office would “be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.”

Looking back at what has transpired in 3 months, this would only make sense if the people also are changing their minds all the time. Maybe they are. And if that’s true, democracy is a hoax, because a nation controlled by people who are out of touch with themselves will collapse.

This country’s most powerful leaders, both in government and corporations, are completely out of touch with their own people.

But are the people out of touch also?

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