The Bible Project in a Year

In 2016 I embarked on a journey to read through the entire Bible, which I hadn’t attempted in over a decade.

I made a deal with the middle school class in our congregation. If I did it, they would do it.

But we didn’t just want to read it. Out of nowhere came to us a series of videos produced by these guys out in Oregon: The Bible Project.

The great thing about The Bible Project, I found, was that it included everything I was looking for in a video introduction to the scriptures: Professional production, relevant approach, and focus on the Christ in every book.

Here’s an example of one of their narrated illustrated guides: The Book of Psalms

The Bible Project not only covers individual books of the Bible, but also has videos on specific themes in the Gospel. Here’s one example: Holiness

As part of my goal, I decided to sketch my own minimal version of each illustrated chart for each book into one of my study Bibles, for two reasons: To give myself a study tool, and to help me mentally map out the summaries of each book.

If you’re planning on reading the Bible this year, I suggest using these videos to introduce you to each book. Hey, even if you don’t read through the Bible entirely this year, challenge yourself to watch the videos this year.

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