The Myth of a Pro-Life Donald Trump

With the election of Donald Trump, many conservative Christians are celebrating their vision of an America where abortions will occur less, and the possibility that one day soon abortion will be completely outlawed. In fact, the promise of stopping abortion was for many on-the-fence Christians the tipping point that led them to ultimately support Donald Trump and cast their vote for him. We’ll tolerate everything nasty and despicable about this horrible man, the idea goes, if we can use him to stop abortion.

Firstly, Donald Trump only recently “converted” to the anti-abortion cause, so America should be skeptical about both his commitment to the cause and his method of pursuing it. Did he become pro-life in order to gain votes? Does he know the best strategy? Will his speeches touch the hearts of pro-choice Americans to reconsider their views? Will he communicate well with the Supreme Court? These are important questions. Most of Trump’s statements on abortion since his anti-abortion “conversion” have been clumsy, illogical, myopic, narcissistic, and antagonistic toward women. The President Elect has spoken to pro-life voters promising them a turning of the tables.

But what we must realize, as this man prepares to step into office in 2 months, is that Donald Trump is not a pro-life man.

The practice of abortion, as confirmed by the entire medical community, results in the active ending of an unborn human life in the womb. The practice of killing a child after it is born is illegal in our country, and is considered murder. For those who stand against abortion, the difference of being in or out of a womb does not change the nature of the act of murder.

But if voluntarily taking a child’s life after it is born is murdering an innocent life, just as abortion is, then Donald Trump is a supporter of murdering children, and we have not choice but to assume that he will not be a pro-life president.

When interviewed by Byill O’Reilly on Fox News, Trump declared that when you are fighting terrorists, “you have to take out their families.”

Trump vowed to take the lives of those related to terrorists: men, women, and children. To not do so, he said, would be showing weakness.

afghan_children_show_an_expression_of_confusion_4297780903That is not a pro-life stance. It is the opposite of a pro-life stance. Families include children, as well as women who could be pregnant with children. Trump’s foreign policy is, like his immigration policy, anti-family. If you are against murdering children before they exit the womb, you must also be against murdering children after they exit the womb. You cannot afford such a double standard and still call yourself pro-life.

This takes the problem of failing to distinguish between civilians and non-combatants in warfare a step further than most candidates have. Both Trump and Clinton, like many politicians (including Presidents Obama and Bush before them), support warfare philosophies that accept the deaths of non-combatants as acceptable, so long as its unintentional “collateral damage,” unfortunate yet worth it in the pursuit of…defending democracy? Or just political expediency? A strong case can be made that even this approach is not pro-life. But unlike many politicians, Trump is not only accepting that accidents happen, but that the innocent should be intentionally killed in the pursuit of terrifying our enemies.

I know someone else who believed the innocent should be killed in the pursuit of terrifying our enemies. The man who orchestrated 9/11.

Rewind back to the moment the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Millions of civilian deaths, many of them children, many of them unborn children. Do we know how many abortions were committed by the U.S. military on that day? Ask how many Christian Republicans how acceptable the actions of the U.S. were on that fateful day, and the answers should terrify you. Peel back the layers, and you will see a  sect of pro-lifers who are only pro-life when it comes to unborn babies, American ones, on American soil, when war isn’t involved.

Even if ISIS did prove an existential threat to the U.S., which it doesn’t, that would not warrant committing post-birth abortion on children who are relatives of suspected terrorists. If it did, many Republicans would have to redact their beliefs about abortion to be consistent.

If Trump’s supporters were informed and consistent, they would admit that his policies are against The New Testament, The Constitution, The Geneva Convention, and The Pentagon War Manual.

But let’s get back to abortion. Even if Trump intends to command the murder of innocent children overseas, would it be worth ending abortion in America?

First of all, a President cannot end abortion. In order to do this, the Supreme Court would have to overturn Roe v Wade. For that to happen, you have to have enough conservative appointees who would vote to overturn the original ruling. For that to happen, a President has to appoint enough of them. For that to happen, several of them have to die or retire within that President’s term. While it has been said that circumstances could turn in favor of having a more right-leaning Supreme Court, consider two things:
1) The Roe v Wade decision was made by a court in which 6 of the 9 judges were appointed by Republicans.
2) In the past 40 years, Republican-appointed judges have outnumbered Democrat-appointed judges. Abortion has remained legal in the U.S.

Furthermore, if abortion were once again outlawed nationally, there’s no telling how many abortions would still occur. Only this time, they’d be less safe. If you really want to stop abortions from happening, you have to change the heart of the people and the state of society. Is Trump the man who will change the hearts of people to cause them to treat women with respect and lead women to respect the life in within their body? His treatment of women is horrendous. How can I teach a woman to respect the body of the child in her when the president demonstrates no respect for a woman’s body? Will the policies he has in mind and the culture he promotes create an environment in which women are taken care of, in which women respect their own bodies and what those bodies provide for life, in which women are actually inclined to keep children and not seek abortions? Trump’s long record of sexism and misogyny completely undermines the pro-life movement.

An informed and literate examination of what has been happening shows us quite clearly that placing hope in this man’s promise to stand for the pro-life movement is a fool’s wager with a hypocritical edge. His promise to pro-lifers is built on sinking sand. Much like his multiple marriage contracts. He will focus on issues that put himself in the spotlight.

Donald Trump is not pro-life.

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