The Title of This Post is Controversial

The title of this post was controversial.

The first line is somewhat controversial, but not so much as the title. Still, you’ve been drawn in, and so you’ve read at least as far as the third sentence—or at least shared the link merely because of the title.

Second paragraph. If you shared the link to this post because of the content, you’ll probably get some flak because of the title alone. You will also get a few likes, shares, and “A-men”s from the title alone. It depends on the crowd.

But before you jump to conclusions about what I mean, please read beyond the title of my post. If you continue to read, you will see that I don’t mean exactly what I said in the title, but I sure got your attention. In fact, on the day I posted this I received five views for every unsubscribe notice I received within the same day.

I’m trying to build a revolutionary brand for my readership here, but sometimes I just like some good ol’ viewing spikes.

In fact, when thinking of what to title this post, ideas that came to mind were
“Why the Title of this Post is Controversial,”
“5 Reasons the Title of This Post is Controversial,”
“What’s so Controversial about the Title of This Post?”
“You May Be Wrong About the Title of this Controversial Post,”
or “It’s Time to Call this Post Title Controversial.”

So at this point, if you’ve actually read this far, you’ll realize that my post itself is not as controversial as the title, and you might even feel a bit of a letdown.

But you’ve probably already shared the link by now. And now I’ve got you thinking. Or just sharing. But I’ve got you doing something involving giving my blog attention for at least five seconds.

As a blogger, I’m thrilled.

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