Is Christianity a Western religion? 4:What About the East?

Is Christianity a Western religion? If the West is not the “cradle,” how much Christianity is in the East?

Even though America, the “far West”, has been perceived as a “heartland” of Christianity for roughly 200  years, it has been in the last third of these 200 years that the world’s population has shifted so dramatically that more than 60% of Christians now in the world reside in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Christian populations are growing rapidly in places like South Korea, Ghana, and Nigeria, while Christian populations are declining in Europe. Christian churches are growing in China, despite persecution, while numbers of “churchgoers” are dwindling in America, where there is virtually no persecution (beyond verbal pressure in academia, the media, e.g.).

If there was a time when America was the “cradle” of Christianity, it hasn’t lasted too long.

Still, this does not make the East the “cradle” either.

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