“Heaven is for Real”; Fiction About Heaven Labeled Non-Fiction is Not

“Heaven is for Real”; Fiction About Heaven Labeled Non-Fiction is Not

David Platt talking on why “Heaven is For Real” and other books like it extort our hopes, waste our money, and devalue our scriptures—and thus should be ignored by Christians.

2 responses to ““Heaven is for Real”; Fiction About Heaven Labeled Non-Fiction is Not

  1. I fully disagree with Platt on this (which is odd because I like Platt on many, many, many other issues). His points on people not going into heaven are taken out of context. He even contradicts himself, first saying no ascends into heaven, then saying that Isaiah and Ezekiel and Paul and John did. Sure, I can agree with him that there were visions, but what makes Platt think that these people in these books did not experience visions? Perhaps they had visions, and believed they were in heaven.

    As he said at the end, why are we so obsessed with the afterlife? He said there is better things to do. Yet he gets so intense in this video about wrong obsessions about the afterlife. This is what makes me most disappointed in this video. I can see how he slightly contradicts himself.

    But what bothers me the most is how he is cherry-picking the Scriptures to make his point. One of his points is how sparse Paul was in speaking about heaven; he used 3 verses. What Platt leaves out is how many chapters John uses to describe heaven. It seems that nearly all of Ezekiel is composed of his visions of heaven and such.

    I am very disappointed in Platt here. I have no read any of the books Platt listed. Instead of blasting people with Scripture that is often taken out of context or cherry-picked, Platt should look at these authors’ fruit. Isn’t that what Jesus said to do? That is how we can know whether their testimonies are true.

  2. I am not disappointed in Platt at all. Everyone has their own convictions and interpretations of the Bible. I understand completely where he is coming from with the Proverbs 30:4 reference and John 3:13. I also have read “Heaven is for Real” and it sounds pretty amazing that a child would know such things. However, as with everything in this world, I never put all of my hopes on what anyone says. We are all human and there can be many explanations for all of it. David could be wrong, the boy the book is about could have dreamed – who knows except God himself? I take it ALL with a grain of salt. I find it all interesting to hear about but I don’t ever let others influence my thinking about what I should/shouldn’t think about something. My hope is solely in the Bible and Jesus. One of my favorite verses that helps me through all of this stuff is John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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