Wal-Mart, Paulda Deen, and Monsanto: I have a question

Dear Wal-Mart: I see that you have removed Paula Deen’s products from your shelves because she’s racist.  That’s ok.  I was wondering if you were also going to pull any products made by anything made by Monstanto.

Their genetically modified, pesticide-drenched food is more prone to causing cancer, and the poor, most of whom are minorities, can’t afford health care.  Their seed patents hurt small farmers, including those in other countries whose citizens are non-white.

Monsanto labs helped produced the atomic bomb, two of which were dropped on millions of Japanese civilians, non-whites.  Monsanto also manufactured Agent Orange and gave it to the US government to destroy the agriculture of the people of North Viet Nam, a non-white ethnicity.  When they were sued by Viet Nam citizens, the case was dismissed, and justice was forbidden from being served.

After the earthquake in Haiti, Monsanto sent 475 tons of genetically modified corn and vegetable seeds to this nation of, that’s right, black people, saturating their market with hybrid vegetable seed, seed that was not suited for Haitian soil.  The seeds were also coated with fungicides that are banned in America because of their high toxicity.  This seed was also a threat to local varieties of corn, and disrupted the agricultural economy of the nation of Haiti while it was already hurting greatly.

The Brazilian Regional Federal Court (representing a nation of non-whites) have found Monsanto guilty of lying to the people of Brazil through false advertising.

Monsanto has spent over $8.1 million opposing the creation of laws that would mandate biotechnology labeling, therefore informing the public of the safety hazards of their products.  Since the most vulnerable of the public are the poor, and most of the poor in America are minorities, Monsanto has spent almost $10 million fighting Blacks and Hispanics in America.

Paula Deen sells unhealthy recipes and products that increase obesity (obesity is more common among minorities), says the word “nigger” and fantasizes about antebellum slavery.  So my question to you, Wal-Mart, is whether you are pulling her product because you care about right and wrong, or because you’re projecting that her product won’t sell for a long time in the wake of her remarks?  Because this will tell me whether you will also tell me what you will do about one of the most powerful racist organizations in the world.

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