The War on Christmas is Getting Worrrssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This year, the war on Christmas is getting so bad,

In the interest of shopping for Christmas because the nation couldn’t wait to begin, Black Friday was moved back to Thursday, taking over Thanksgiving!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

A Christmas Story and hundreds of other TV Christmas specials will be playing on several major and minor channels!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

they’re placing a gigantic huge Christmas tree in the middle of Times Square, New York!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

Tim Tebow, a Christian who never shies away from proclaiming faith in Jesus, is saying “Happy Holidays!”  in a TV ad, clearly indicating he has turned from his faith all of a sudden and hates anything with the word “Christ” in it!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

Chick-fil-a, who used to be one of the leading companies in proclaiming religious messages despite a media backlash, has released a statement celebrating a so-called “holiday season”, a clear sign that they hate Christmas and all things Christian!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

It’s even reached the government. At the Rhode Island State House there are no more than 12 manger scenes and 25 Christmas trees on display!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

FOX News has declared war on Advent so that they can talk about Christmas!

The war on Christmas is getting so bad,

Not a single person will be stopped by the US government from putting a structurally safe, non-pornographic nativity scene on their front lawn!

I’m glad this war is real because I would hate to be outraged by nothing.  I love wars.  I’ve always wanted to shoot someone to death who was coming to take away my manger scene that I put up because I firmly believe without a doubt Jesus was born on December 25 and wanted me to celebrate by buying a bunch of junk me and others will use for about a year or less.  It’s important for me to manufacture my own martyrhood, or I would have to love my enemies and de-weaponize my evangelism.

Actually, the growing preference for “Happy Holidays” is a sign that people want to celebrate Christmas while also being less aggressive and more inclusive to members of other faiths (and even non-faiths).  Love it or hate it, it is this same spirit of inclusiveness that led to the creation of what we call “Christmas” in the first place, as all evidence points to the likelihood of Christians and pagans in Rome looking to celebrate the solstice together creating a holiday that celebrated both.  The growing popularity of saying “Happy Holidays” is yet another similar trend along the same continuing tradition.

The real “war on Christmas” is perpetrated mostly by Christians who have self-image problems, like the backers of FOX News, for instance.  And we all know that if you have image problems, it’s time to destroy your images.

I say we take Christ out of Christmas.  So that all we have left is Christ and no mas.

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