Are the End Times Nigh?

“Are the End of Times Near, friend?”  No doubt this question is of concern to many folks.  It is of special concern to a few people, since it turns out a calendar from an ancient civilization predicts that the end is nigh.

Things are happening in the world. Things are changing. For example, things that were in one place are now in another place. Things that people used to like people don’t like any more. And things that used to not be so are now so. Well, to some people.

So then the question comes to mind: Are we nearing the end of times?

Let’s look at this from a historic standpoint:

Let us first define time as a highly perishable standard of measurement (often theorized as the fourth dimension of measure) used to specify the distance between events in reference to separate points on a continuum of duration.

Around the world there is virtual universal agreement that this year is the year 2012. Historical analysis suggests that last year the year 2011 occurred. Before that, there is near certainty that the year 2010 happened, and that the entire world, with few exceptions, was witness to that.

In fact, if you reach far back enough in history, you will see that the massive wealth of documents attest to the year 1847 A.D. occurring exactly 165 years ago. Conservative estimates place the year 562 A.D. at around 1450 years prior to 2012.

Let us now turn our attention to scientific testimony:

While opinions vary, most physicists will tell you that, according to our mental perceptions, it has been five seconds since the moment you experienced five seconds ago.  There are different schools of thought as to whether you truly perceived that moment to have been five seconds ago, but there is near unanimous agreement that outside of the perceptions of your body, unassisted by mechanical time-keeping devices, the moment lasted five seconds. Once you measure it, the moment has finished occurring. Therefore, that moment was in the past. This leads us to the fact that there is something called the past, and that it grows longer every day.

It is a unanimous guarantee given by meteorologists, physicists, astrophysicists, mathematicians, cosmologists, historians, computer technicians, and certified time-piece engineers that 9:15am on December 12th will occur exactly ___ from now (meaning the moment this was posted), give or take a few seconds. Estimates even go as far as to say that we could experience the year 2059 in less than 49 years. It is also predicted that ten seconds from now you will experience a moment that will be ten seconds after this one. This leads us to the fact that there is something called the future, and that it probably grows shorter every day.

Where opinions may differ, however, is whether the beginning of time happened in the past. Nonetheless, most experts agree that it did. These same experts also expect the end of time to happen some time in the future.

Given that yesterday was in the past and tomorrow is in the future—a bold assumption, I know—it is highly conceivable that we are traveling further along in time from the beginning of time. We apparently are traveling this distance at around the rate of one day per day; that is, one year per year, or as some measure it, one second per second.

Evidence suggests that we have yet to discover time travel, and probably never will, and therefore are unable to travel backward through time. A consensus view has been taken that we have, are, and always will be moving forward in time.

All available evidence points to the conjecture that the end of time, which is in the future, and therefore has not yet happened, is drawing nearer than it is drawing further from us.

Pending further analysis, it is almost certifiable that we are drawing closer to the end of time than we are to the beginning of time—unless of course they are the same moment.

Therefore, we do appear to be drawing close to the end of time—so near, in fact, that we are closer to that point today than we were yesterday.

It is thus safe to say that the end times are drawing closer.


Yes, my friend, it appears the end times are nigh.

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