Announcing: The Caleb Coy Election Frenzy Series?

Aren’t you tired of those messages telling you about what your Christian duty to vote entails?

I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that I am personally interested in sharing with you how I feel about political issues, why I feel the way I do, and why I am genuinely interested in what I share with you affecting the way you perceive them.  If you are not interested in sharing that kind of thing, this next series of blog posts may not be for you.

I am a Christian.  And I do plan on entering into one of those booths come November.  And sharing my faith with you sometimes means sharing with you how I see the interaction of people like me as dual citizens in an earthly kingdom.

So I’m going to begin this soon and I invite others to participate.  I will be speaking primarily to a Christian audience, but all folks are welcome to follow along and comment and engage.

One of my goals is to help you challenge your notions of morality, to help you examine whether they are built on faith, or on tradition.  What is morality, and what is or is not a “moral issue”?  We’ll explore that.

I also want to challenge the notion of endorsing evil for the sake of good.  You know, after seeing it and hearing it be said, you should pick up quickly on the fact that such a thing really shouldn’t be open to debate: endorsing evil.

And we’ll talk about some other things.  And I promise to cool it down for the next four years after that.

I’ll be beginning this series as I wrap up my series of reviews on A Faith Not Worth Fighting For (which should really be called A Faith Worth Not Fighting For).

Here goes nothing…

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