Don’t invade Syria

Says Empire: “Doing something to Syria would be a big blow to Iran.”  Except that Iran hasn’t threatened us.  We are more of a threat to them.

Obama wants to invade Syria.  The reasoning: it will weakin Iraq.  Because killing people in one country to make another country weak when it’s already too weak to even think of attacking us is logical in any playing field.  Ron Paul could talk him out of it, if he would just listen.

What ‘s happening in Syria is none of our business.  What happened in Libya is none of our business.  In fact, what happened in Iraq was none of our business.

I echo the video: this whole invade everybody who we think might get a nuke in the future or something is bad politics, bad policy, bad economy.  Oh, and it’s morally corrupt.

You want to change things for the better in a country?  Send in doctors.  Send in teachers.  Send in carries of gospel.

Missionaries, not missiles.

The prophets of Israel called for quietism abroad.  That means you don’t go invade other places.  Oh, and America’s founders also didn’t want to go “monster hunting” abroad, for those of you who claim to follow Jesus but care more about America.  So, no matter how you cut it, this invasion would be wrong.

over the last 50-80 years America’s history of preemptive war, covert destabilization, foreign occupation, nation building, torture and assassination have accumulated a vast hatred of American presence in the Middle-East and other places in the world.  It’s time for this to end.

Swords into ploughshares.  Ron Paul is the only politician I know who seriously quotes it in his use of policy rhetoric.  Start listening to him.

3 responses to “Don’t invade Syria

  1. We didn’t subvert the Iron Curtain with bombs, we did it with blue jeans and rock and roll.

    I think a major problem is that we define our national interests as… The entire world.

    Doesn’t help that every time we try to cut defense spending the Neo-Cons throw a fit because their military industrial complex lobbyists are breathing down their necks

    • Three very good points you made there. Cultural expression fights oppression better than weapons. We must cast off the mentality that Rage Against the Machine words as “the world [as] my expense, the cost of my desire.” Neo-Cons are bought by lobbyists, and neither have to go to war. They send the children of others. They are cowards.

  2. I was very encouraged tonight to learn that the Church here in Scotland have been strong seekers of peace for decades. It caused a bit of awkwardness when Christian military men came over during WWII and got to worship in auditoriums full of “conscientious objectors.”

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