Review of The Day That Changed Long Island by Louciano Sabatini

The Day that Changed Long Island by Lou Sabatini recounts the impact of Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, New York, in 2012. In order to convey this story, the author creates for his readers the characters of Lucas and Sybil, a typical Long Island couple who must undergo the storm and its aftermath. Drawing from firsthand experience, Sabatini describes the physical devastation caused by the storm, including the destruction of homes and businesses, as well as the emotional trauma suffered by those affected.

Sabatini provides a vivid and compelling account of the events of Hurricane Sandy, and does so through the eyes of two relatable characters. With realistic detail he describes the physical damage caused by the storm and the emotional impact on those affected. The book also provides an interesting look at the challenges faced by the residents of Long Island in the aftermath of the storm, including the difficulties of rebuilding homes and businesses.

Overall, The Day that Changed Long Island is a personal and moving book that provides a valuable insight into the impact of natural disasters on individuals and communities. I’d recommend this book for anyone interested in the topic of natural disasters or those who want to learn more about the effects of Hurricane Sandy on Long Island.

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