Just Because Fox Is Popular, Doesn’t Mean Fox Is Right

Recently it was reported that Fox news is more popular than another news show right now. I don’t know what metric was used, but I simply don’t care.

One thing I was taught since I was a kid:

What’s popular is not always right.

What’s right is not always popular.

Being the most watched show doesn’t make you the most appropriate show to watch.

Twilight is popular. Baby Shark is popular. Using a cell phone on the toilet is popular.

Anyway, the fact that Fox News is so popular with Americans isn’t proof that it has good reporting. It’s proof that a whole lot of people in America like to watch it. So before you go bragging, look at America. Specifically, look at those Americans. What do they believe? How do they behave?

It just so happened that later in the same day I stumbled upon a recent article from a new conservative news outlet called The Dispatch titled “Why We Are Leaving Fox News.

In the article, former Fox contributors Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg explain why, after working with Fox since 2009, they resigned. It wasn’t that Fox never did good reporting. It’s that the good reporting was being eclipsed by the bad reporting. Because of all the things you could watch on Fox, the most popular program was…

Tucker Carlson?

Yep. That’s right. The Jim Crow Medicine Show.

Because when you air a news program that paints the January 6 terrorists as the victims, your news program reveals itself as supporting terrorism. Bottom line.

I end with an excerpt from the article, because I think it says it all:

“The tension between doing that work well and remaining loyal to Fox has tested us many times over the past few years. But with the release of Patriot Purge, we felt we could no longer ‘do right as we see it’ and remain at Fox News. So we resigned.”

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