Not My Civil War

I’m not doing. If there is one. If there is going to be an outright civil war, I’m not participating it. I’ve got better things to do.

Do I think it will happen this year? I think not. Consider this: The country is the most divided it has ever been in my lifetime. But in my lifetime I haven’t seen the Civil Rights Era, or the Viet Nam War, or the assassination of Kennedy, or the Cuban Missile Crisis. The country passed through both of those times of turmoil without one side of the country going to war with the other. So no, we’re not there yet.

Sure, there are plenty of angry people online, but I’ve not seen the tensions escalate to the point of desire for warfare between the people I know who disagree vehemently, not even in these times of isolation. In fact, I wonder if the pandemic has helped us yearn to work together in a way that not having a pandemic would have. We do have the ingredients of a civil war, but we also have learned lessons from the last civil war we had, and there seem to be far too many people not willing to come to blows. The lessons from our history are fresh enough that most of us seem to be trying to maintain enough unity to not destroy our cities and neighborhoods. Or just not caring enough about anything to fight over it. It seems those people willing to throw and shoot stuff are just the ones making the news. But maybe I’m being optimistic.

Still, I won’t take any sides when it comes to violence. Not happening.

I won’t side with the Trumpers. They have not proven their “coup” theory, and their chosen leader is beyond morally corrupt on an obvious level. They are the same type of folks who said for over 8 years that Obama would take all our guns. Whose guns were taken? Even when you take the right moral side you ruin it with disinformation. But besides all that, you proved the peak of your character when your friends attempted insurrection at the capital.

I won’t side with the liberals and leftists. Y’all helped create the Trump situation. I don’t think you’re communists, I don’t think you want to plant microchips in us all, and I don’t think you’re plotting a New World Order. I just think you’re fools who don’t understand your ideological enemies, and your hypocrisy kills me just as much as theirs.

I’m telling you, if you come to my house with a gun demanding I choose a side, I’m cooking you some chili. If you try to quarter soldiers in my house, I’ll fit as many as I can, and I’m cooking you chili. If you try to conscript me, I’m cooking you chili, and I’ll apply to be a chaplain.


I’m not suiting up to shoot at the U.S. military, or Y’all Queda, or Antifa, or Qanon, or BLM, or Texas or Oregon or anybody else. If y’all can’t get along, there aren’t going to be any “heroes on both sides.” The heroes will be those who lived for a better world by not participating in your stupid conflict. And I look up to them too much to take either of your phony sides.

I mean, somebody has got to cook the food, tend to the wounds, rebuild the infrastructure and record the story of what happened if it actually happens. You could call those people…essential workers.

But my prediction is that there won’t be a civil war over this past year, or over Trump’s presidency, or Biden’s election. Worst case scenario, someone will try to sabotage Biden’s inauguration, and there will be a domestic “war on terror” against small groups of insurgents. It won’t be pretty. Radicals will act out. The govt. will overstep its bounds. But the heroes won’t be the Democrats or Republicans. Not likely. If you remember, both Trump and Clinton called Ed Snowden a traitor. That’s one of the best litmus tests for losing your trust in a U.S. leader.

Liberals and Republicans are clearly both too cozy with unorganized protests turned vandalism turned nihilism. And they both get along only when we raise the national debt in order to expand govt. power.

Let’s talk about it over a pot of chili.

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