John Mayer’s “Bigger Than My Body” Theory

Remember when little Johnny Mayer was singing about his missing lunchbox? He’s grown up so much. In his first major album, Room for Squares, the pop blues rock artist drew sweeping attention with “Your Body is a Wonderland,” a song about girly parts. Fans ate it up.

Then fans wondered, what will he come out with next? I mean, there were some other good songs on that record, cute little jokes about playing chess with salt and pepper shakers, women being attractive like neon at night, and ending relationships on holidays. But none of them were as much a hit as that Body Song.

johnmayerThen came Heavier Things. John ain’t sitting on the couch smiling like a little boy about to do his first big show. He’s got maturity to lay down for you. There were a few hits that garnered attention from that one, from the first song, “Clarity,” to the awwww—milking “Daughters,” to the slow dancing “Come Back to Bed.” What the second album showed was that Mayer was here to stay as a singer/musician for the times. He was heavier than a single album.

Which brings us to my theory. That one hit song, “Bigger Than My Body,” isn’t just about John Mayer’s career from here on out. It’s a song about how John Mayer is bigger than the song “Your Body is a Wonderland.”

Hear me out: It’s no question that the lyrics are an artist’s reflection on how big he feels at this moment, and how big he thinks he will become. “I’m stranded behind the horizons line / Tied up in something true.” Yeah, he’s working on a big album. He owes us more.

“Someday I’ll fly,” he says. “Someday I’ll soar.” I mean, that’s kind of happening now, don’t you think, John?

Not necessarily. His fame could come and go. And that’s what he’s got to prove wrong. He’s bigger than his body gives him credit for. Nice poetic touch. A guy who is so famous he’s beyond human. Maybe.

Then he goes on about tangling in the power lines. Messing up. Failing. “It might be over in a second’s time.” Literally, the seconds after a song ends, we move on. But he would gladly crash and burn as long as he’s remembered. He’d rather destroy himself crafting genius, rather than settling for a single hit and be forgotten.

He would do anything—he has done something—to move beyond that one guy with that one song. To be more than the guy who wrote “Your Body Is a Wonderland.”

The “Body” he’s singing about is that song. John Mayer is telling us he’s bigger than the song “Your Body is a Wonderland.”

“Your Body Is a Wonderland” gives John Mayer a lot of credit as a talented musician, lyricist, and singer. But he’s moved on to prove that he can do that and so much more.

He’s bigger than that now.

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